If you’re planning to enter Nigeria’s southeast market, our Enugu local market research delivers insights that improve customer targeting.  We assist brands to identify the best target audiences – and work with them to reach them.

Market Research Services in Enugu

Our Edge

Contact us today for the various research options that deliver the information you want – focus groups, market segmentation, buyer persona, brand awareness, sales surveys, product and service use research, competitive analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, and more.
We created a searchable database of over 2,000 businesses, 4,500 business owner-managers and professionals, and close to 10,000 home managers in the Coal City. We are happy to work with FMCGs to provide excellent and cost-effective services targeted at residents and business owners.
Enugu Metro Business Research Team collects specific information about customers and prospective buyers in the Coal City and beyond. The information we gather enables us to project how the client’s product or service will perform or how it is performing in key target locations beyond Enugu.

What it Costs

Our fee for this service represents a tiny cost of what it would otherwise cost in time and money for potential clients to go digging around for the information themselves.

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