Enugu Metro Promotions spreads the word about your organisation, people, events, products and services to people of the southeast region. It is the Number One marketing tool for those searching for an influential medium to reach and convince potential clients or buyers.


Enugu Metro Promotions facilitates events that improve knowledge and sharpen skills for career and business success. We facilitate meetings, singe and multi-day public events, invitation-only events, conferences, and local shows, all geared to the same goal. If you are worried about attendance or creating visibility for your upcoming events, chat with us now to discuss ways to overcome potential risks

Our goal is to empower event subscribers with intelligence, logistics and access local opportunities to efficiently manage life, leisure, and occupation.

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Metro Breakfast Meetings

Enugu Metro Breakfast Meeting is the flagship learning and business development training for busy business owner-managers in the coal city. Each fortnight, the meeting features issues on wide-ranging subjects, including:

  • Contracts in Business
  • Managing Money
  • Business & Health
  • Government Policies
  • Marketing

Fair Support Services, in collaboration with Southeast Metro has considerable expertise in the promotion of events. We collaborate with universities, professional associations, business groups and organisations on their meetings in the Southeast.

The events we facilitate include conferences, seminars, workshops, video conferences, and webinars in the region.

Fair Support Conferences operates out of Enugu City but efficiently covers events in all nine stares of the former Eastern Region (Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers States).

Enugu Metro Promotions organize and present live music events in the Coal City. Our staff take care of everything from booking talent to securing venues to setting ticket prices and, you guessed it, marketing the show

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