… he is frustrated, says Senator’s aide

Enugu APC Chair, Chief Ugochukwu Agballah, publicly hits Senator Ike Ekweremadu, following alleged private conversations between them.

Apparently, the former Deputy Senate President annoyed Agballah by allegedly demanding for governorship ticket when approached to join APC

He confirmed today, 29 May, in a press conference, that the the State APC initiated talks to get Senator Ekweremadu to join the party.

“I reached out to him before our primary,  but he informed me in the presence of the South-East Chairman of our party that we should give him our ticket for governorship position.

“Even after our primary, he is still insisting that we should give him ticket.

“We want Ekweremadu to be our member, but we cannot give him our governorship ticket,” he said.

He then went into an outburst of anger over the alleged demand.

The outburst

“… I’m baffled because his demand is repugnant to natural justice, at variance with the Electoral Act, which he is one of the makers.

“His demand is evil, ignoble, shows that a man does not change his colour.

“He is in court claiming that he was subverted during the PDP primary. But the same man is now running up and down, disturbing us up and down, mobilizing Senators to prevail on our national chairman to subvert the Electoral Act.

“The Electoral Act is clear; nobody can give him a waiver to undo what we did.

“Uche Nnaji is our candidate; he emerged after a primary election duly observed by INEC.

“We want Ekweremadu to be our member, but we cannot give him our governorship ticket. These are some of the things that give bad image to Nigeria politicians.

“Ekweremadu wants to be Governor. The position was not zoned to Enugu West, but he wants to take Enugu East turn. Now, he wants to come and subvert us, and I ask, what kind of a man is Ekweremadu, who is this Ekweremadu?

“He is not a member of APC and he is demanding our ticket. Is he now blinded by ambition? If I see him in my party, I will treat him like a mad man.

“His demands portend grave danger to our political system. I will not allow desperados to come and scatter what we have laboured for.

Both APC hierarchy and opposition parties wonder what is behind the Ugo Agballah’s outburst and how it helps the party in the next elections.

‘He is frustrated’

In a terse, three-paragraph statement, the Senator’s spokesperson, Uche Anichukwu, wondered why the party chief decided to publicly “vent his political frustrations” on Ekweremadu.

“…much as it is unfortunate that a mere mortal is expropriating the place of God in the lives and destinies of men, we refuse to join issues with a man of exaggerated sense of self-importance.”

Anichukwu pointed out that not long ago, “this man praised Ekweremadu to high heavens as an archetype of principled politicking.”

Enugu APC chair hits Ekweremadu