Enugu delicious beans porridge is a treat to the first time Coal City visitor. Alas, you can only get the works at roadside eateries., reports Ikem Okuhu

delicious beans

Ikem Okuhu

Ikem is a former journalist with bias for brands and Marketing reportage who has made good as a PR practitioner.

For the locals, however, there are two types of gentlemen and ladies who visit roadside eateries for this delicious, mouthwatering plantain and beans in the Coal City. Those who care for a healthy diet. And those dining on a budget.

Enugu roadside eateries serve a special diet of beans and plantain. Not your regular fried plantain with hard-boiled beans. This one is special a potpourri mixed with vegetables and fish.

Here’s the tesstimony of one VIP visitor from Lagos:

Sorry I didn’t remember to invite you early.

See this our Enugu?

You can go round the month with N5k in you bank account.

You don’t have to be at all those fancy restaurants.

That woman on the street corner selling roast plantain {ripe and unripe} is actually selling good health at the price of a sachet of water.

When next you’re in Enugu, try the delicious beans porridge at a recommended roadside eatery

Plantain is rich in irons and other minerals. It makes you “strong” kakaraka. Fish is optionalā€¦

And after loading your plate with healthy food, she’d just ask that you Pay N150!

I tried it this morning.

That woman by the corner of State CID (near the new Enugu Secretariat in the GRA) is clean and blends it so well you’d, like me, want an encoreā€¦