The Catholic Bishop of Enugu, Most Rev. Calitus Onaga has admonished the Catholic faithful in Enugu to pray for God’s deliverance as well as observe basic hygiene and safety precautions on the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a message he personally signed, the local ordinary listed seven action points that he would love every person to be well acquainted with and observe.

These include prayers for God to ward off the disease, observing cleanliness and basic hygiene, etiquette for priests on sick calls, handling of holy water vessels in churches, avoiding large gatherings of people, procedure for distribution of holy communion in masses, and everyone being vigilant by keeping in touch with news on the virus from the authorities.

Many expected that the Bishop will specifically ban masses where more than 50 persons are gathered, as advised by federal and several state governments, he however advised Catholic faithful to avoid large gatherings of people.

“Crowded events and large gathering of people should be avoided,” the Bishop said in the statement.

Click here to read Bishop Onaga’s full Statement

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