Enugu Catholic Diocese moves against controversial priest, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, to contain his “provocative political prophecies and utterances.”

The Church implied in a statement that it has quietly activated the Canon Laws to deal with priest’s persistent recalcitrance.

“We assure the people of God and the general public that the Diocese of Enugu is taking the due canonical process.”

The trio of the chancellor, vicar-general and auxiliary bishop of the Diocese endorsed the statement, dated yesterday, 16 June 2022.

The statement accused the priest of engaging in “inflammatory political utterances” and enjoined him to bridle his tongue.

“In an effort to keep him United to the body of Christ, we enjoin him to refrain from making further provocative prophecies or utterances capable of heating up the polity.”

Mbaka’s latest outburst targeted Mr Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate for the 2023 elections.

Mbaka’s sin

The Diocese recoiled at Father Mbaka’s attack on “the good reputation of Mr Peter Obi” which it said violates the Church’s law.

The statement drew attention to “Canon 220 (which) prohibits anyone from illegitimately harming the good name of a person.”

The Diocese also deplored the manner that Fr Mbaka mocked Mr Obi and vowed that he will not become President.

“This is a clear violation of the provisions of Canon 287-2 which forbids priests from playing partisan politics.”

What Fr Mbaka said

Reports quoted the priest as dismissing the chances of Mr Obi becoming president, describing the politician as “stingy” and “joker.”

The Diocese described the outburst at a solemn mass on Wednesday, 14 June, as “unbecoming” and “divisive.”

Fr Mbaka wages a psychological warfare against Obi, ostensibly to commit him to join in developing his Enugu AMEN Centre.

AMEN is short for Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, which operated as a quasi-Parish with interest in multibillion-Naira businesses.

As part of its efforts to curtail Fr Mbaka’s excesses, the Diocese downgraded AMEN to a chaplaincy under its full supervision.

Operating as a Chaplaincy, Rev Mbaka risks outright removal or reassignment from the Centre where he currently holds princely court.

Enugu Diocese moves against Fr Mbaka for meddling in partisan politics

Diocese moves against Fr Mbaka