Join Enugu Business Club

Enugu Metro Business Club is a virtual club for city business owners and managers.

There are NO membership fees or monthly dues. However, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You must be the owner or manager of a business or organisation in Enugu City.
  2. The business or organisation is subsequently listed in Enugu City Directory.
  3. You also commit to promote other member businesses as they promote yours.
  4. Members support the Club facilitator to champion the cause of a better business environment in Enugu Metropolis.
  5. Members attend Enugu Metro-organised business meetings, regularly or whenever they can.

Club Facilitator

Enugu Metro is the lead facilitator for the Club. We execute the following community social responsibility (CSR) projects to help Coal City businesses thrive:

  1. Enugu City Directory connects members to thousands of online customers looking for local products and services to buy in Enugu.
  2. We use the monthly Metro Business Authority (MBA) Meetings to connect members to federal and state agencies that promote SME funding and other business support.
  3. During our Thursday morning Metro Breakfast Meetings, experts and top business owners are invited to share their experiences of how they managed successful businesses and organisations.
  4. Through our District WhatsApp Business platforms, we share online requests from visitors looking for products and services to buy on our website.*
  5. Check out the section on Benefits to see other great reasons why you should join us.

Join Enugu Metro Business Club now.

Register to become an automatic Member of Enugu Metro Business Club. Or fill the Partner Form if your business is already listed in the City directory.

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*Only one business type is accepted for each District WhatsApp Group, giving members an advantage in their particular district.