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  • Why Buhari approved redesign of Naira notes
    President Muhammadu Buhari today gave five reasons why he approved redesign of Naira notes as he launched the new notes.
  • Why CBN is replacing Naira banknotes in 2022
    Currency hoarding, degradation, and counterfeiting are three reasons why CBN is replacing Naira banknotes in 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 denominations.
  • The MRSMAN agenda in Southeast MAN
    A business leader introduces MRSMAN agenda to improve the fortunes of MAN in Southeast States of Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi.
  • MAN makes gender switch in Southeast
    Anambra/Ebonyi/Enugu branch of Manufacturers Association makes a gender switch as it elects Lady Ada ChukwuDozie as chairperson.
  • Pay diaspora remittances in dollar, CBN warns banks
    Central Bank (CBN) warns banks and other operators to pay foreign funds transfers to their owners in dollar or face sanctions.
  • Geometric Power Appoints CEO for generation
    Geometric Power, Nigeria’s first private integrated power company, appoints veteran power engineer Ben Caven as CEO of its generation arm.
  • How to borrow without interest using latest app
    African workers can now borrow money during the month without worrying about interest by using the Earnipay application.
  • FinTechs drive profits for SMEs
    It is clearly established that FinTechs drive efficiency and profits for owners and managers of SMEs, writes Jachimma Anikwe.
  • Oil vessel explosion and fire: 3 rescued alive from wreckage
    Rescue workers fish out three of 10 crew members caught in last week’s oil vessel explosion and fire at Ukpokiti Terminal. Management of Shebah Exploration & Production Company Ltd (SEPCL), owners of the vessel Trinity Spirit, announced the cheery news today. The oil vessel, anchored at Ukpokiti Terminal, caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday, […]
  • Nigerian oil vessel on fire with 10 men aboard
    Shebah Exploration and Production Company Ltd reports its Nigerian oil vessel on fire at the Ukpokiti Terminal, near Escravos on the Lagos Coast.
  • 10 rules in Finance Act 2021 that impact businesses
    If you own or manage a business in Nigeria, pay attention to the changes in the Finance Act of 2021 which took effect from January this year
  • Nigeria created forex-earning opportunities in 2021
    I got a funny stare when I suggested to a group that Nigeria created five forex-earning opportunities in 2022. Policy successes. My friends thought I had gone bonkers because I went further to say that building on the policy successes will earn Nigeria more foreign exchange. So, what did we achieve and where, someone asked […]
  • 10 Ways to Find Customers in Enugu
    There should be more than 10 ways to find customers. We serve the basics for business owner-managers looking for tools to increase sales
  • CBN interventions Southeast is missing
    Chido focuses on 12 CBN interventions Southeast businesses are missing and recommends ways to change the persistent negative outcones.
  • European companies to recruit skilled labour from Enugu
    Ten European companies will on 8 November launch a youth programme in Enugu to train, empower and recruit skilled labour. – Launch Skills Acquisition Programme– Establish European Business Park, and– Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre The private sector partners are collaborating with Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu on an integrated project that benefits them, the youths, and Nigerian […]