National Museum of Unity, Enugu

National Museum of Unity, Enugu
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The National Museum of Unity, Enugu is an outstation of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. The Enugu outstation was proposed for establishment in Nigeria in 1972, three years after the end of the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970). The goals were to (a) procure, preserve and maintain artefacts from the Nigerian Civil War and (b) document and exhibit indigenous culture of the Igbos aimed at promoting national understanding and (c) promote appreciation of Nigeria's heterogenous culture as a basis to encourage love and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

Seven years later, a decree was published to give effect to the proposal to set up the Museum (Decree No. 77 of 1979). Among other objects, the enabling law empowers the museum to take custody of, oversee and maintain declared and private monuments in the national interest for the purpose of repairing or protecting such monuments or artifacts for a period agreed to between the owner and the commission. It took 27 years (2006) before the museum was finally commissioned during the civilian administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

SERVICES: The services provided by the Museum are grouped in three galleries:

(a) THE UNITY GALLERY presents objects and artefacts illustrating some common concepts in the belief system of the various ethnic groups of Nigeria;

(b) THE IGBO GALLERY showcases artifacts reflecting the Igbo worldview through architectural, religious, political, social and economic systems of the Igbo people; and

(c) ENUGU, THE COAL CITY GALLERY presents artifacts showing the growth and development of Enugu City arising from the discovery of coal.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


 Preserves national culture and heritage from its geographical location;
 Provides guided tour experience for tourists and visitors
Serves as a research hub for scholars and interested parties


Old Government Lodge (adjacent - right),
Ogui Road Junction (20 meters),
Blueberries Garden Park (adjacent, left), and
Autostar Motors (opposite)

Business Phone Number
+234 807 622-8584
65 Abakaliki Road, GRA Enugu
Postal Code
Local Govt
Enugu North
GRA 400283


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