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Enugu Metro Foundation undertakes citizen journalism projects in collaboration with MISC, the Media Initiative for Socioeconomic Change. We commit to investigate, highlight, and jointly champion resolution of socioeconomic challenges affecting the disadvantaged and vulnerable. In doing so, we focus on issues and challenges in social welfare, criminal justice, and economic empowerment for individuals, families, and communities. Challenges in these areas affect health, living standards, and access to justice. Our area of coverage is the Southeast and South-South regions of Nigeria

How we work

Enugu Metro Foundation investigates, creates awareness, and collaborates with media and other agencies on advocacy and publicity projects aimed at resolving, removing and ameliorating issues of daily survival on our target audiences. Our overarching goal is to champion improvements in health and living conditions of disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society.

Enugu Metro Foundation Board

Our Corporate Objectives

Our corporate objective is to connect the poor, unemployed, and marginalized in southeast and South-South Nigeria to opportunities to improve life and business. We achieve this goal whenever our investigations and advocacy leads to:

improved awareness of and access to social welfare programmes,

reintegration and resolution of issues in criminal justice for the disadvantaged, and

access to business development opportunities, including funding for citizens operating their businesses outside the real sector.

Support Our Work

nEnugu Metro Foundation relies on the generosity of individual and corporate donors to help deliver investigations and advocacy programmes. The programmes are aimed at making life easy for target disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities. The Foundation needs your support to continue to grow toward the goal of supporting men and women that suffer systemic and nature-promoted disadvantages in the Southeast and South-South regions.

Our Programmes

enugu metro social welfare programs
Nigeria operates a few social welfare programs that aid individuals and families in need. There are also programs that offer relief to victims of disasters and education grants and scholarships to at-risk children. There are also a few international organisations that invest in providing aid to people in need, particularly women, infants and children. Our investigation, awareness creation, and advocacy projects focus on:
>> Family Health
>> Child Nutrition
>> Other Family Support
Criminal Justice
The Nigeria criminal justice system tilts dangerously against the poor and disadvantaged in Nigeria at every point in the continuum, from the home to the police stations, prisons, and the courts. We focus on issues that hinder the capacity of managers in the criminal justice system to deliver justice in a timely manner. Accordingly, we investigate, create awareness, and jointly support advocacy programs in the areas of
>> Awaiting Trial Incarcerations
>> Prison Reintegration
>> Domestic Violence

>> Child Abuse Violence
business support
Halfhearted management and outright corruption of economic interventions exacerbate an already bad situation, making it almost impossible for poor and marginalized individuals and groups to access funds for business development and growth. In collaboration with Enugu Metro and other media partners, the Foundation commissions investigations and awareness creation on issues that hamper SME funding and growth. Our advocacy and publicity projects focus on issues of
>> Youth Entrepreneurship
>> SME Training

>> Access to Interventions
>>> Corruption in Interventions

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