Enugu Moms do good to earn extra

With a Smartphone and smart personality, you can join Coal City Moms who do good and earn extra income while doing so in their communities

Enugu Metro, launches a member-only consumer platform to be known as Enugu Moms Club, it was announced today.

Beyond creating awareness about consumer rights, Enugu Moms Club creates access to resources and local opportunities that help members to manage the home budget.

Members also have access to curated content that Enugu Metro serves behind a paywall. The content will however be delivered free to members, Executive Editor, Ogbuagu Anikwe, said in a statement.

According to the statement, the members-only virtual platform is open to all those who manage homes in the Coal City.

“We expect stay-at-home moms, working moms, and spinsters living in own apartments to join in.

“Enugu Moms Club creates equal access to local resources that members need to cope with life in Enugu, including what to eat, what to wear, and how to cost-effectively enjoy life outdoors.

“It also provides opportunity for those with free time to earn extra income while doing good in their communities.

“The platform offers a perfect reassurance and guidance to those looking for answers to important questions on parenting, home budgeting, fashion, nutrition, maternal and child health, among others.

“Our female staff who are also members will actively monitor the conversations and instantly create expert answers and provide links to common questions.”

The Enugu Moms Club has hitherto existed a private community on Facebook for all moms. The Enugu Metro version will however be restricted to moms who live and work in Enugu, Anikwe said.

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