Mobile Reseller Programme

In collaboration with a GSM partner, Enugu Metro offers a monthly Mobile CUG subscription service for home and office managers. Office managers are owners of small businesses and executives of groups and associations.

The service enables subscribers to make unlimited free monthly calls among themselves. …And also with any person on the partner’s CUG network in Nigeria

Enugu Metro Mobile CUG is the easiest way to reduce the cost of making calls for your business and home in the Coal City. When implemented correctly, eMetro CUG cuts your monthly phone bill by more than 35% . This is not new. All GSM networks (Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile) sell the CUG package to their subscribers . We are therefore resellers to two of the networks. And we do so with a commitment to selling the benefits to business owner-managers in the Coal City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are your frequently asked questions on our flagship product, the Enugu eMetro Mobile – eMobile – service.

What exactly is this eMetro Mobile Service from Enugu Metro?

It is a monthly subscription service that allows subscribers to make unlimited free calls once they subscribe.

Is this service unique to Enugu Metro?

No. Every GSM network has it. It’s called a close-user-group (CUG) service. Having a CUG makes it easy for family members or members of an organisation to manage the cost of keeping in touch with each other every month.

Why we are unique

If all networks have it, can I subscribe directly to my network?

You can. Each of the networks will be happy to sign you on. At Enugu Metro, we can also assist you to get to your preferred network – for free! Our overarching goal is to get Enugu families and small businesses to know and take advantage of this opportunity to manage the cost of making calls.

So what is in it for you as a business? Is it only charity for your business?

For us, eMetro Mobile is a partnership proposal for business subscribers. Once they sign with us, we will (a) list their businesses and promote them online for free, (b) use our marketers to cross-sell their services or products for a commission, (c) help them improve customer experiences through our free service excellence trainings on Saturday mornings, (d) connect them to information on how to obtain cheap or free business resources including loans, grants, and other business support tools from public, local and international organisations.

Subscribing through Enugu Metro gives business partners access to Orient Confidential Newsletter – access to hard-to-find information and social connections that lead to business opportunities.

I already have two lines from different networks. Why should I go for a third line? How many handsets do you expect one person to be carrying about?

If any of your two lines is a dedicated business line, then you probably do not need a third. Where you don’t have a dedicated business line, we recommend that you either (a) buy a third line, or (b) consider porting one of your lines to eMetro Mobile business line.

Monthly Costs for eMobile

How much is the monthly subscription for each line.

N1,000 only

How much time will be alloted to each person in a month after subscribing?

No one has been able to exhaust the time alloted which is why we guarantee this as a free call service.

If I pay N1,000 to subscribe at the middle of the month or towards the end of the month, will the subscription end with that month?

No. It will end after one month from date of subsciption. For example, if one subscribes on 26 August, the service will be due for renewal on 25 September.

Can I call my contacts in other networks also for free?

No. Calls to other networks are charged separately. There are other advantages which we disclose only to those who have subscribed.

This means that I must pay extra to call or message people from other networks?

Yes. Our eMobile Network covers calls with your office staff, family members, and 250 potential customers we guarantee for your zone. When we complete this project, Enugu Metro will reduce phone bill of Enugu SMEs by more than 40 percent.

Must I subscribe for my workers? Why can’t they pay for the service by themselves?

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to use it to improve productivity or track progress by your workers, we will encourage you to pay for them.

I have a Glo line already. Can I migrate this line to the eMetro Mobile network service?

Yes. A simple request to us will make it happen within 24 hours.

Different networks consideration

What if my line is from a different telecom network, and I don’t want to lose my current phone number since everyone knows me with it?

Again, you have the option to (a) either get a second line or (b) port your current line to Glo and we’ll migrate you from there. We can assist you through the process; it takes less than 48 hours to complete.

If I want to subscribe to the service and I have two numbers that are not on your network, and I don’t want a third line, what will I do?

As explained above, you have the option to port your second phone number to eMetro Mobile, to be used as a business number or family line.

If I choose business option, can I extend the service to my family members as well?

Yes. You will be killing two birds with a stone!

What about my staff or family members who are not resident in Enugu? Can I bring them into the service?

Yes, on the condition that you are the one subscribing for them either as the owner of the company, or as the head of family or group on the network.

Will I have to pay for family members not resident in Enugu if I subscribe for them?

Not necessarily. They can take up the subscription by themselves after you have done your bit by registering them in Enugu. It is left for them to continue the subscription, unless you choose to assist.

Relations Abroad

What about my relations abroad? Can I call them for free?

No. However, since there is 1GB data that comes free with the service, you can use this to make internet calls overseas.

If I fail to subscribe at the end of the one-month period, what will happen to my line?

Nothing. The network will give you time to get back, after which your line will become a regular line to pay as you go.

What will happen if most of the Network members fail to subscribe? How then will I save on calls?

Most people who use the service immediately see its value after one month and will strive to continue with their subscription. That has been our experience so far.

Still need more information? No problem at all. Call +234 805 313-4341 to schedule a one-on-one interview with an agent. BTW once you subscribe to any of the levels, this number becomes free to call.