Eastern Metropolitan constantly recruits neighbourhood affiliates to help expose our products and services to a wider district audience. Our recruitment program targets two sets of residents in the neighborhood.

  • Graduates that have completed their NYSC and are searching for jobs.
  • Home managers with time to spare.

Our affiliate program is an opportunity for them to use their spare time to earn extra income without leaving the district. The program transforms each Affiliate as a valued member of the community, by offering valuable assistance to business owners and neighborhood residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the work of an Affiliate?

The Enugu Metro Neighborhood Affiliate is Enugu Metro’s liaison officer in each designated district in the city. They also function as PROs of the District branch of EMBC, and report news of what is happening in the district. Most importantly, they assist companies to upgrade their businesses online through the Metro City Directory. Finally, they manage our special District projects within their respective communities.

Are there extra income opportunities for Affiliates?

Yes, many. Affiliates assist business owners to place their adverts, public service announcements, as well as their products and services in Enugu Metro and other print, broadcast and online media. Enugu Metro enjoys generous discounts from other media, a part of which we pass on to our customers. The balance is shared between us and our Affiliates. In addition, Affiliates enjoy generous commissions on all directly sourced adverts placed in Enugu Metro. The Company also pays a quarterly bonus to the most productive Affiliates.

Are business owners allowed to be Affiliates?

No. Business owners have a different program that enables them cross-market products and services. If you are business owner, consider applying for membership of Enugu Metro Business Club (EMBC). Membership of EMBC delivers excellent benefits to business owner-managers (click here to see the benefits).

Are Affiliate Marketers Paid a Salary?

No, they are not. The Company however pays them a monthly allowance equivalent to the National Minimum Wage. Additionally, they receive a generous commission on deals they successfully closed, and a weekly transport allowance to move round the district where they live. Enterprising and talented Affiliates who are job seekers are nominated to participate in staff training programs so that they can be first in line to fill open or new positions in the Company.

Are Affiliates expected to be graduates?

Not necessarily. But we require an affiliate to be able to write error-free reports of their marketing efforts as well as news, features and special reports. We however insist that Affiliates have a decent WASCE result (with credits in Enhlish and Mathematics) or pass our recruitment test. Having a degree or higher diploma is however an added advantage.

How does one apply for Affiliates opportunity?

Fill and submit the Enugu Metro Neighborhood Affiliates application form below. This will be reviewed by our recruitment team. We contact applicants for a recruitment interview if their application review is successful.

Need more information? See the about enugu metro page