Each year, Eastern Metropolitan selects 10 graduate journalists and trains them for 12 months under the current Enugu Metro Newsroom Fellowships. They become professional copywriters, writers, graphic designers and marketers at the end of the fellowship. Typically, we select our fellows from graduates wishing to use their one-year national youth service scheme to hone their skills in journalism’s many tasks in print, broadcast, online, and multimedia production areas.

Fellows are taking through a thorough process of training for the positions they wish to pursue as a career. We train fellows to become valuable staff and freelance support to print, broadcast and online businesses in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eMetro Fellowship?
It is a programme to train multimedia professionals. Our overarching goal is to help Nigeria overcome many subsisting skill and ethical deficiencies that affect packaging and presentation of media and communication content.

Who can apply for eMetro Fellowship?
The Programme trains recent graduates of universities and polytechnics about to enroll for their one-year NYSC programme. The lucky fellow kills two birds with a stone; they perform their primary assignments in our company and get the necessary training and experience which make them job ready at the end of the fellowship.

How long is the fellowship?
The fellowship is 12 months. Fellows who join from the NYSC orientation camps must commit to stay and complete the 12-month Fellowship program.

When do applications open for the fellowship?
Newsroom Fellowships applications open in July of each year. Fellows join from the January Stream of the NYSC service year. By special arrangement, Eastern Metropolitan can arrange with NYSC to to have call up for a selected fellows deferred to the January window. In this way, the five confirmed fellows resume at the same time.

Are fellows paid like staff?
Although Fellows are made to work like staff, we cannot legally pay them salaries without presenting their NYSC certificates. For the period of the service year, they receive monthly allowances and other staff work allowances. In addition to the monthly minimum wage allowance of N30,000, Fellows are enrolled as if they are staff to company pension and health insurance plans. They can take these to their future employers to leverage their future heath and retirement goals.

If the NYSC program winds up before the Fellowship ends, what happens? Who takes responsibility for paying them in the remaining months?

Fellows must commit to completing the full 12-month program regardless when their service year ended. Because the program usually ends about two months after they wind up their service, they are paid salaries of entry level staff for those remaining months. Additionally, they are paid transport allowances to return to their various homes at the end of the Fellowship

How many fellows are in the program?
We typically accept about five (5) fellows per year. The number will increase as we expand to other regions in Nigeria.

Who chooses the fellows?
The Board of Eastern Metropolitan Foundation, which sponsors the programme, makes the final decision on who is accepted into the programme.

Do fellows have a chance to be hired into staff positions?
They do. However, each fellow must know that we expect them to be top notch in every aspect of the criteria we use in our staff employment program.

What kind of work will the fellows perform?
The fellows perform as full-time writers, broadcasters, graphics professionals, and marketers. They are given assignments like every other staff of the company and held to the same standards and deadlines after successfully passing out from an intensive 60-day training program.

Which offices do the fellows work in?
All Fellows will resume at our Enugu headquarters for the 60-day training. Each fellow will however spend two months each in the remaining four states of the Southeast, working with the Bureau Chief. In all, each fellow spends four months in Enugu and two months each in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Imo.

Is housing provided for fellows?
Fellows are provided housing when our guest houses are available in Enugu. Otherwise, they are expected to decide for their housing. For out-of-station work experience they will be given shelter by EMF-member families in the states they are posted to.

What kind of experience should the fellows expect?
In all the states they will work, Fellows are attached to mentors who are top journalists or professionals in radio-television, print and online organisations. They also attend quarterly workshops where they hear from top media and business managers and leaders from around the nation. A resourceful Fellow should be able to build a rich portfolio that makes it easy to find work at the end of the program.

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