Enugu Moms Network (EMNET) is a support network for working moms in the Coal City committed to make life easy for those who manage the home front.

Members explore ways to do the important things around their work, home, and leisure. Embark on careers. Manage home budget. Raise children. Earn extra income. Learn more. Find and enjoy cost-effective relaxation and entertainment. And finally, take care of their physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing, while looking and feeling good in the city. Always.


Enugu Moms Club is a support network for working moms in the Coal City. Thus, it’s for mothers who work full-time or part-time at home and those who work full time outside the home. Only women who manage homes are therefore qualified to enroll as members.


Mothers are the most multitasking. They work part time, work in family businesses, work full time at home or out of home. In all of this, they still take the responsibility of looking after their family, including raising her children. Enugu Moms Club help moms cope with the biggest task of all. The Club facilitates this goal in many ways.

We collate resources and deliver to members need to enable them cope with home challenges.

We create access to information on opportunities to manage the home budget.

There’s also the matter of finding and exposing sources of relaxation (including family relaxation).

And yes, we also give members excellent tips on how to access information on extra income opportunities.

Our Programmes

There are four types of programmes we run, including:

  • Children activities: Managing playgroups, holiday parties, and children competitions.
  • Training & Development: vocational skills, talks, meetings (with speakers)
  • Mom Activities: Cooking, arts and crafts, outings, book reading, fitness.
  • Social Responsibility: Book exchange and fundraisers social support (playgrounds, hospital, events).

Enugu Moms Club