Are you looking for where to find the correct postal codes for your business or organisation in Enugu? Do you know that too many business owners and managers Enugu do not know?

It’s true. They just fill in anything that begins with 400…. Some businesses in New Haven will write that they are in Achara Layout (which happens to be the most popular place in Enugu, strangely enough.

Well, if you’ve ever worried about where to get the authentic Enugu postal codes, you have come to the right place.

Worry no more; here’s your guide to all district Postal Codes for the Enugu Metropolis, aka the coal City. Thus, the list is for all rural towns and city layouts in Enugu North, Enugu South, and Enugu East Local Government Areas that make up the metropolis.

Enugu Metropolitan Postal Codes

82 Division/Abakaliki Rd400212
Akpoga Nike400223
Amechi 400106
China Town400211
Gabon Village400215
Garki 400105
Golf Estate400210
Idaw River400243
Independence Layout400271
Iva Valley400284
New Era400243
New Haven400221
Nike Communities400103
Obeagu (Awkunanaw)400108
Obiagu (Ogui)400261
Ogui New Layout400251
Ugbo Odogwu400282
Achara Layout400243
Zoo Estate400212

Find Enugu Postal Codes for Your Business or Organization

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  1. Re: Enugu Postal Code
    This is a great job. I was amazed when I followed the steps and the zip/postal code of my village (Amanabo) in Ogugu, Awgu LGA.
    Really, the history/geography of Enugu State is being written on the marble for generations. Up Enugu Metro.

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