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Enugu rewards BPE essay winner

The Enugu State Commissioner for Environment, Chief Chijioke Edeoga, has disclosed that the Enugu student who is the BPE national essay champion, Chidiogor Jane Onoh, has been gifted N250,000 and a laptop by the State Government, “to encourage her and other students of Enugu State to strive to excel wherever they are.”

“We are trying to convey the information that there is reward for excellence, and there is reward for hard work,” he said.

The Environment Commissioner briefed newsmen with his Science and Technology counterpart, Sir Obi Kama, after a meeting of the State Executive Council.

Kama, in turn, added that government equally recognized and rewarded an unnamed Enugu student who emerged winner in a recent Mathematics Competition in Port Harcourt (Rivers State) the same way as it did Chidiogor.The two runners up in the competition, who were equally from the state, also received as well as the two runners up in the same competition who are also from Enugu.

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