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Enugu schools reopen 28-Sep with new 2-year calendar

Enugu schools reopen 28-Sep with State Government publishing a 2-year revised post-Covid19 school calendar to manage system disruption.

Schools in Enugu State resume on Monday 28 September 2020 and will be guided by a third term calendar published today.

State Education Commissioner, Prof. Uchenna Eze, directed all schools – public, private, and faith – to follow the government approved school calendar.

There will be nine weeks of instructions and examinations to round off the third term of 2019-2020 academic year.

Schools break for nine days, from 27 November and students return on Monday 7 December for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Education Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Nwanneka Onah, warned schools about not following the common calendar.

“Any school, be it public, mission or private, found to be contravening the approved school calendar shall be appropriately sanctioned,” she said.

In his statement, Commissioner Eze assured that arrangements are in place to safely reopen schools.

He told teachers to complement Enugu’s decision to reopen schools on 28-Sep by assisting to manage the approved Covid19 guidelines.

Eze said, for example that “no person will be allowed into any school without appropriate facemask or shield,” he said.

He also said that Primary Six and Junior Secondary Three pupils are not expected to resume since they have completed their studies.

Govt directed all Enugu Schools to shut down and send students home not later than Saturday 28 March 2020.

Schools were swiftly shut to shied citizens against COVID-19 pandemic which killed almost 10,000 persons worldwide at the time.

Yesterday 22 September, Enugu led the number of Covid19 cases reported nationwide by NCDC with 51 new cases.

The virus has so far attacked 57,613 Nigerians out of which 1,100 died since February 2020 when it made a landfall in Lagos.