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Enugu Business Network (EBN), is an online collaboration by Enugu Business Owners who are dedicated to making the Coal City easy to live and do business. EBN is facilitated by Enugu Metro News (


EBN is a not-for-profit online business networking platform. Members use this platform to meet new customers, strike business deals, connect with business partners, and share insider information on life and business in their neighbourhoods.

Members are also kept up-to-date on government policies regarding business.

Paying members, in addition, get a free pass to business trainings and social meetings.


There are two types of memberships – FREE and PAID (Corporate) MEMBERSHIP.

Click on any of the options below to join:


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… to empower members with reliable insider information and social connection tools that enable the Coal City easy to live and do business.


Enugu Metro is the lead facilitator for Enugu Business Network, providing the vital information and social connections links that members need to exploit opportunities and manage emerging issues in city life and business.


Enugu Business Network is organized around three membership forums – (a) SME owner-managers (EBN Forum), (b) home managers (Enugu eMoms Forum) and (c) youth entrepreneurs (042Youth Forum).

Members are free to join any of the forums to enjoy exclusive and restricted content on the website.


Other Benefits of Membership include:

  • A web page on eMetro Business Directory to advertise your products or services. Click here to list your business in the directory
  • Free advertising or great discounts in our partner media – radio, television, other online media Click here to see our advert rates.
  • Great discounts on eMetro and on our radio partner for personal paid announcements (PSAs)
  • Meet 1000s of members – and potential customers – on the Network
  • Get referrals and cross-selling opportunities from members.
  • Enjoy free monthly calls to all subscribed members, courtesy of our GSM partners. Click here to see eMetro Mobile rates
  • Add your spouse to our Network to enjoy free monthly calls among your family members.
  • Free pass to eMetro-organised business meetings with policy makers and business promoters.
  • Attend eMetro seminars and workshops to upgrade your skills and learn new business strategies for growth and development



eMoms Forum

Enugu Moms (eMoms) Forum is a reliable social interaction platform for moms with passionate love for Enugu and a commitment to the Coal City as a warm and hospitable city for ourselves and for other moms who visit for business or are on vacation. Enugu Moms Forum is a great way to socially interact, explore opportunities for extra income, and share information about what is happening around us.


eYouth Entrepreneurs

042 Youth Entrepreneurs are young people living in the Coal City who are dedicated to make the most of life as entrepreneurs and employers of labour. The Forum is a platform to share information on business opportunities and experiences that enable our guys beat the system that is attempting to keep us down.


Enugu SME Forum

Members of Enugu SME Forum interact on Social Media as members of Enugu Business Network.


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