Enugumetro creates a new political desk to ensure full coverage of issues around Igbo presidency and the 2023 national elections.

It also created a special report section entitled “Enugu 2023” to connect political gladiators to opinion makers and voters.

Executive Editor, Ogbuagu Anikwe, said in a statement today that the new addition will provide clarity on two major issues.

“One are issues of particular concern to voters on which the electoral battle will be fought in the Southeast.

“The other are platforms and messages that political parties, aspirants and eventual candidates will be canvassing in their electioneering.”

He said the Enugu-based online platform is keen to explore the intersection between the two in news, analyses and opinions.

“We shall offer news insights, analyses and viewpoints that provide clarity and enable voters make informed choices.

“It is about how to empower voters with the right information to enable them choose wisely.

“The issue of who governs or represents the people in various parliaments in 2023 has assumed critical significance.”

Anikwe also said the section will also continue to deliver “the same quality and objective content served in delicious prose.”

“As professional journalists, we shall continue to be committed to independence and intergrity in our presentations,” he said.

Anikwe announced that plans are being finalised to create additional political desks to capture events in Abia and Ebonyi States.

Enugumetro creates political desk for 2023 polls