ESUT tags lecturers hoodlums, invites army to prevent chaos

Enugu State University (ESUT) tags lecturers as hoodlums in letter inviting the army to prevent disruption of first semester exams.

The letter, signed by the school’s registrar, alleged that “some hoodlums/lecturers” planned to disrupt exams beginning on 16 November 2020.

The Vice Chancellor however swiftly apologised for the tag which he described as “demeaning and unbecoming to associate academics with.”

The school had requested for a “crack team” of army personnel to manage a possible “breakdown of law and order.”

Some “heartless hoodlums/ lecturers,” the letter said, planned to unleash violence to “truncate smooth running” of the exams.

It expressed management’s worry that “… such dastardly acts may lead to sustenance of injury or loss of lives and property.”

Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Charles Eze has however distanced himself from characterisation of his academic colleagues as “hoodlums.”

He apologized because he believes it is “demeaning and unbecoming” to associate academics with the word ‘hoodlums’.

“Actually, we may have our differences on issues, but that does not warrant the use of such derogatory words on intellectuals.

“I am awfully sorry for the embarrassment which the said memo may have caused you as colleagues.

“I assure you that such will not happen again. Thanks for your understanding,” he concluded.

The apology, however, appears not to have extended to any plans to review the invitation to the army.

Enugu Metro learnt that the management is at loggerheads with local staff union (ASUU) over the decision to reopen the school.

Public universities have been shuttered and students sent home as the Academic Staff Union (ASUU) reopened yet another demand for improved work conditions.

Slug: ESUT tags lecturers as hoodlums in a letter to the army.