This is the first stage of assessment for the Fair Support Research Assistant job for which you applied on Facebook.

Kindly take note of the following

  • Fair Support is looking for those that can research on various topics for our individual clients as well as for Enugu Metro, this platform where you are now. Enugu Metro is the Number One Guide to Life, Business and Leisure in the Coal City.
  • The Fair Support Research Assistant job is a writing job as well. We need those who can research and turn in projects in simple, grammar error-free copies.
  • If you are good at digging out information but not so good in your presentation, you can still apply. We will coach all those who make it on the rudiments so they can improve their writing skills as well.
  • We want to select fourteen (14) researchers who live in different parts of Enugu as the pioneers.
  • If you are selected, you will be contacted via a phone call, text (WhatsApp) or video call (Google Meet or Duo). If you are eventually chosen, you would be asked to do a simple online research and writing test on an area of interest that you indicated.
  • Fill the feedback form at the end of this page and list in the message box as follows:

1. Area of Interest

2. Availability (days of the week and hours)

3. WhatsApp Number

4. Any other information:

The 14 research areas include the following

  1. Motoring (if you have interest in researching and writing about cars)
  2. Travel & Tours
  3. Business Finance
  4. Business Tech
  5. Arts & Theatre
  6. Education
  7. Health
  8. Décor
  9. Local History
  10. Fashion & Style
  11. Fitness & Health
  12. Food & Drinks
  13. Food Preparation
  14. Food supplement


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