Fashion stylists rock Biafra chic – stylists around the world cash in on emotions being stirred in Nigeria to rush out creative wears.

The fashion craze exploded with the arrest in Onitsha, Anambra State, of popular Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu by the military.

Fashion stylists Biafra
Chiwetalu Agu

His blac-green-red robe, on which was embossed a rising sun symbol attracted the attention of the officers. His derssing earned him the charge of incitement and of being a recruiter for IPOB, the separatist group.

Here are samples of the chic fashion that Enugu Metro readers and correspondents captured on the streets and on the internet.

Interracial couple

The fashion creators quickly cashed in on the business following a great public debate on the legality and propriety of the dredd.

Similar colour creations with the sun symbol are now flooding the social media.

Biafra protection against Covid-19


Caucasian Biafra Chic

The dresses and t-shirts are already stocked. Some have found their way to Amazon where they attract as high as $34.

An ensemble to live for, not die!

At Redubble, Biafra t-shirts are going as high as $40 a piece.

Next: the T-shirt statements

Cultiral icon

Zazzle Biafran t-shirts and shirts sell between $16 and $32 apiece.

… and finally, the chic of it!

Fashion stylists rock Biafra chic