These are some of the viewpoints I’ve come across so far, in support of doing nothing about this problem that Nigeria is confronting, and as both herders and local farmers pay the terrible cost with their lives and their property:
1. Is it because Buhari is now in power that you want to play politics and exhibit your ethnic hatred on the issue? This is one more cheap attempt to discredit the present administration!
2. Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with the herders because we need their cows for meat.  There are no train services and bad roads make it difficult to tranport via trucks. Alternative is by foot so we have to bear it.
3. There were clashes during the last dispensation but those shouting now looked away for political reasons. The issue has now been politicised and ethnicised.
4. You’ll complain when they go on strike and meat becomes scarce. Be careful what you say about them please.
5. What do you expect them to do when hundreds of their cattle are killed or rustled by local people and thieves?
6. Do we no longer have freedom of movement in Nigeria? Should we now stop the Igbos from coming to trade in the North? Why should their own be different?
Which among these arguments address the problem we have on our hands? Which will most likely provoke a national search for solutions to the problem?
There are no prizes for the best answers!

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