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Total healing means that you go beyond the magic pills to find and deal with the root cause. This had devastating effects on our psyche. We live with the illusion that a pill is healing our issues.

High blood pressure in the morning, take a pill, pressure back to normal.

Testing blood sugar high, take a pill, blood sugar back to normal.

Constant headache? Take a pill. ain is gone.

Yes, the symptom is gone but what about the ISSUE behind those diseases?🤔 What’s worse than not healing the issue, is it has sent the message to our body-mind that we were suddenly alright. Very misleading and very dangerous actually since we allow the root cause to deepen its damages by not making the changes that would have been necessary to really heal.🌱

Healing implies changes. We can’t expect different outcomes if we keep the same inputs. We live in a world of cause and effects. So, in order to experience different outcomes we need to apply changes, and this takes time! ⏰

There are 4 pillars that support health:

1️⃣ Detoxing: Maintaining an internal hygiene that will prevent the body systems to clog.

2️⃣ Nourishing: Giving the cells their optimal energy supply so the body systems can perform optimally.

3️⃣ Exercising: To maintain the bloodstream free of toxins, activate the internal circulation and increase the internal pressure so blood reaches the smallest areas and the lymph activated.

4️⃣ Managing our Stress: One general effect of a stress response is the contraction of our tissues which block the supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells which weakens our overall health and defense system.

All these require knowledge and integration. By pushing ourselves to change overnight will put too much pressure and be counterproductive. Don’t look back every few hours to see if things are improving, just keep going.⚡️

Shoot to become a fully integrated healthy person in a few years. We say that healing completely takes a year, FULL TIME! Part time, two years… Within years, you’ll be sufficiently transformed if you dedicate a couple of hours a day to your health.

Keep going! We people like numbers, right?

Go beyond magic pills for wellness

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