Gov Ndubusi Mbah has a week to make history by restoring public water supply to all parts of Enugu metropolis.

He promised during campaigns, and in inaugural address, that Enugu public taps will run within 180 days of swearing in.

The promise expires 25 November, barely eight days away.

Mr. Mbah however remains upbeat, after the Court of Appeal affirmed his election in a unanimous judgement.

He restated this commitment on 10 November while acknowledging the victory on the steps of Lion Building.

“Permit me also to state that this is not a victory for Peter Mbah as governor. It is a victory for water that will run nonstop through taps of Enugu homes in less than 20 days.

“(This) is also a victory that will make Enugu State a road construction site… We are talking about the length and breadth of Enugu State being transformed into a road construction site.

“It is also a victory that would ensure that we have smart schools across the 260 wards of Enugu State.

“Let me assure Ndi Enugu that we are not going to let them down. We are going to deploy every breath and fibre of our being to consolidate on the gains we have made so far,” he said.

Enugu Metro reported extensively on the challenges of transporting water from the major the Ajalli and Oji River water works.

Old equipment and pipes were the biggest challenge, exacerbated by the time lag for supply of new replacement machinery that government apparently ordered.

The State government sought to circumvent this hurdle by drilling 18 additional boreholes from the 9th Mile corner to add xxx of water.

Experts however warned that it is a tall order to expect that pipe-borne water will flow in all parts of Enugu even within four years.

What is your water situation in your part of Enugu?

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