Police alert parents on girl-child cultists

Cult groups in Enugu are targeting students of secondary schools, prompting the Police in Enugu to raise an alarm for mothers especially to closely watch the activities of youngsters in school.

Mariam Abiola, the 20-year old cult girl who killed for cash. “I never felt bad about killing people,” she told newsmen

According to Enugu Police spokesperson, Ebere Amaraizu, investigation shows that cult groups are steadily recruiting from among pupils and students.

Artisans such as hairdressers and traders are also targeted for recruitment, he said.

Police investigation of the motives for joining secret cult groups has turned up alarming results, according to Amaraizu who is taking a campaign against cultism to schools in Enugu State.

It found that most of the recruits among pupils and students do not know what they are joining and why, while others are lured through peer pressure or fake assurance of fame, power and protection.

What worries Police the most is the increased involvement of females in cult activities, Amaraizu disclosed.

What is required to battle the menace are parental guidance and faith-based efforts to sensitise parents and teach moral lessons to kids, the police said.

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