south east records one case of covid19

South East records one death, as hope rises for the region last week, 9 – 15 August 2020.

Hope is rising for the South East as it records one death last week, unlike penultimate week when 10 persons died in the region.

The region has held steady since 1 August, indicating that caregivers now manage the contagion better, Enugu Metro checks reveal.

Last week, 249 new cases were reported in Enugu (92), Ebonyi (80), Abia (33), Imo (30) and Anambra (14).

The new cases represent a decrease over 260 new cases reported the previous week.

At the same time, recoveries were also good as 237 patients were discharged in Ebonyi(75), Enugu(60), Abia(46), Anambra(44) and Imo(12)

Since the pandemic hit the region, it has recorded 3,249 cases, of which 71 percent were discharged, a good record.

Death toll across the region stands at 2 percent of cases since the virus made a landing in the region.

In terms of recoveries, Imo state at 32 percent lags behind as less than half of her patients have recovered.

Other States have reported above-average recoveries, from Ebonyi (94%), Abia (84%) Anambra (81%), through to Enugu (54%).

Nigeria inches close to 50,000 cases

Nationwide, Nigeria has recorded 48,770 confirmed cases of Covid19, out of which 36,290 recovered while 974 died.

A total of 325 new cases were reported last night.

The top five reporting states are Lagos (87), FCT (49), Gombe (28), Ebonyi (20), and Plateafu (19).