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How potential players can join Enugu Rangers Club

By Sobenna Nwagbo.

How do potential players join Enugu Rangers Club?

Rangers Football Club of Enugu is a subsidiary of Rangers Management Corporation incorporated in 1970. It is one of the oldest surviving Football Clubs in Nigeria. It was founded by Jerry Enyeazu within and immediately after the Nigeria-Biafra Civil war. Rangers fame grew like a wildfire when the team went on a campaign up north and came back without a defeat and unhurt. Eastern people believed that the War was over actually.

Since its inception, Rangers has featured in many competitions both in Nigeria and Africa at large with trophies. Rangers has the record of the only Premier Club in Nigeria that has never tested relegation to lower divisions. Some people use Rangers as the eye through which they see Nigeria Football.

Team A: The First Route for Entry

Rangers Football Club of Enugu has two major teams, the team A and Team B. The team A are group of players who have distinguished themselves and mastered the art of playing. They are known as Professional Footballers.

RECRUITMENT: Each season, those with valid contract come for trials or are invited by the coaches. Those who pass the test are registered with the Nigeria Professional Football League organised by the League Management Company under Nigeria Football Federation.

Team B: The Second Entry Route

Team B has existed even before it became part of the prerequisite of registration of Players/team in Nigeria Professional Football League. It serves as a reserve bank from where Rangers Coaches dip their hand to bring out young talented players that always confuse the opponents.

The team B is the Feeder team that feeds the Professional team in case of any eventuality. The activities of the B team are not always publicized,; they play in NLO and State Football Association Cup.

Enugu Rangers will groom the player or much have distinguished and qualified for the style and standard of Rangers Football Club.

RECRUITMENT: Last season, Rangers promoted four junior players from the B team to A. These were Chinedu Nwagwu – Defensive Midfielder, Nnamdi Nnaji – Support Striker, Anthony Ogba – Striker and Nweke Ifebuche – Defender.

Last season,  when the team wasn’t doing well in competitions, 12 out of the 35 registered players were demoted to team B for refreshers and further training.

Special Recruitments

However, last season, Rangers Management Corporation through a recruitment Committee headed by the legendary Coach Christian Chukwu. The Committee’s terms of reference were to review the present team, assess the players on trial and advice the Corporation on how to rejig or overhaul the team for the approaching season. Also in the committee was the Technical Adviser, the Scouting director, the Team Manager, team doctor, Club Legal Adviser and the Chairman Supporters Club.

Players that succeeded in that process was Tony Shimaga and Traore Issif both from FCIU.