Welcome to Enugu Metro Business Club, an online platform for business owners, managers, budding entrepreneurs, and professionals in the Coal City. Although it is a virtual club, members meet in different districts to learn and mingle – a great networking platform to thrive in business and enjoy what the Coal City offers to the resident who works hard.

Over 2,000 businesses and organizations are already listed in Enugu City Directory.

How to Join Club

There are two processes to follow:

  1. Register as a user to give you access to all opportunities in Enugu Metro site;
  2. Fill a member application form to join Enugu Metro Business Club.

Once your request for membership is approved, you’ll be added to a WhatsApp group of 250 business owners in your District.

  • You will also have access to register as a professional in the Enugu Metro Services Directory.
  • Your District Champion will invite you to business opportunity meetings.
  • You will also connect to over 2,000 other members in the Coal City who automatically become potential customers.

Use the buttons below to Register as a Web user, and also fill the Member Form to join Enugu Metro Business Club..

Conditions for Membership

Enugu Metro Business Club (EMBC) is a virtual platform that helps businesses find new customers in Enugu. It also provides resources and facilitates contacts that enable your businesses to grow.

Enugu Metro Business Club is a virtual Club whose members only meet physically from time to time. Members pay N2,500 for to boost their online business presence (this is optional). Otherwise, there are no membership fees and no monthly dues. It is a merely a platform for networking and meeting new customers in your neighborhood.

Conditions for membership:

  1. You own or manage a business in Enugu.
  2. Your business is listed in Enugu City Directory.
  3. You commit to promote and patronize other member’s businesses as they promote yours.
  4. You encourage Enugu Metro to champion ease of doing business in Enugu Metropolis for the benefit of all business owners.
  5. You commit to attend at least four Thusday Business Meetings every Quarter (there are 12 business meetings per quarter).

Business Resources

Enugu Metro is the lead facilitator for the Club. We execute the following community social responsibility (CSR) projects to help Coal City businesses thrive:

  1. Enugu City Directory connects members to thousands of online customers looking for local products and services to buy in Enugu.
  2. Monthly Business Meetings: We use our monthly Metro Business Meetings to connect members to federal and state agencies and international organisations that promote SME business support.
  3. Weekly Breakfast Meetings: During our Thursday morning Metro Breakfast Meetings, experts and top business owners are invited to share their experiences of how they managed successful businesses and organisations.
  4. District WhatsApp Platforms: Through our District WhatsApp Business platforms, we share online requests from visitors looking for products and services to buy on our website.*
  5. Enugu Metro Business Monitor: A fortnightly newsletter announcing new opportunities and threats that members should know.
  6. Other Benefits: Check out this post to see other great reasons why you should join.

Join Enugu Metro Business Club now.

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Register to become an automatic Member of Enugu Metro Business Club. Or fill the Partner Form if your organisation is already listed in Enugu City Directory.

Membership Districts

AbakpaAchara LayoutAwkunanaw
Idaw RiverIndependence LayoutNew Haven
NikeOgbete/Coal CampOgui-Asata
Ogui New LayoutTrans-EkuluUwani

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