Residents of Enugu are checking their health status against the Coronavirus using a new platform introduced by the State Task Force on Covid-19

Task Force chairman. Ikechukwu Emmanuel Obi who is also the health commissioner broke broke the news today in a statement.

The self-assessment platform gives an idea whether symptoms being experienced are enough to go for proper diagnosis or to call the authorities.

The platform is known as the “Enugu State COVID-19 Assessment Platform.”

Anyone with a smartphone or without one can access the multimedia platform, he said.

Smartphone users log on to this internet address to access the service:

The visitor answers a number of questions regarding how they feel once the website opens.

The platform points them to the next course of action after answering questions.

On the other hand, people with ordinary GSM numbers call a number or send a text message.

The telephone number to call is 01-440-0037 while the text code is *723*19*12#.

Callers answer simple questions in Igbo, English, or Pidgin.

‘Online Test for Covid19 not a diagnosis’

 State Health Commissioner, Dr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi, said today that the platform captures those with Covid19 symptoms at the early stage.

The State Government and e’Clat, an Interswitch Health Tech company, are collaborating on the project, he also said.

The self-assessment is not a professional health diagnosis but helps “to determine risk of exposure to the disease, he said.

Residents’ responsses are monitored by the State Ministry of Health on a dashboard while the State Emergency Operation Centre promptly does follow ups.

Figures released by NCDC last night show Enugu with 21 new cases of Covid-19.

The figures raise total infections to 726 with 17 deaths and 371 patients discharged.

Enugu Test for Covid19

The telephone line also options for English, Pidgin and Igbo Languages. 

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