Howells and Howells Export is a food, agricultural and sundry products export company duly registered with the authorities as an exporter. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria registered Howells as an export business. We are also a proud member of Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

Exceed Your Expectations…

We partner with efficient freight and cargo experts. When mutually agreed air cargo can deliver your food and agricultural products from Nigeria with 3 -7 working days. Door to Door delivery can also be arranged to countries like USA, Canada, UK, and Australia


About Us

Our food and Agricultural products are well packaged to meet international standard. And as a matter of company policy, are processed and packaged under strict hygienic environment

Our Customers

African Restaurants

are you a restaurant ,eatery or grocery shop owner in USA ,Canada, Europe, Australia etc., who stock and sell Nigerian food, spices, and agricultural products?

organic products for extractive industry

Are you an extractive industry who use or need organic agricultural products from Nigeria for production of pharmaceutical/drugs and related items?

buying for family and friends?

do you live in Nigeria and intend to send food, spices and agricultural products to family and friends overseas?

Our Exports

Shear Butter




Cassava Flour

Melon Seeds

Yam Flour



Bitter Kola

Beans Flour

Cashew Nuts

personal consumption or resale

do you live outside Nigeria and plan to importĀ  Nigerian food, spices and agricultural products for personal consumption or commercial purposes?

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