Former military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida, has pleaded with Igbos of the South East Region to use their accommodating and adventurist spirits to ensure that Nigeria remains as a united nation, reports have said.

The retired General told a group of Igbos who came to wish him a happy 78th birthday yesterday, Saturday 21 September 2019, to ask their people to use their skills as entrepreneurs to ensure that the country remains strong and indivisible despite ethnic and religious tensions that have reared their heads in recent times.

“You have done well to keep Nigeria together. The Igbos are known to have the potentials of traveling far and wide, exploring new frontiers and business opportunities.

“You should use same spirit of enterprise to promote peaceful coexistence among Nigerians in all that you are doing,” he advised.

He told the visitors that our founding fathers envisaged a nation that is united and creates opportunities for citizens to thrive.

“You should continue to allow your positive impact to be felt among host ethnic nationalities in the country, as you explore business opportunities available,” he told the visitors who were led by a group that describes itself as Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) and also claims to have a strong presence in the 19 northern states and Abuja, FCT.

Babanigda said he appreciates Igbos for being very enterprising and determined to succeed, a drive that encourages them to traverse all nooks and crannies of Nigeria for business exploits.

The visitors, led by IDA president Chikezie Okezie and the Ezeigbo Minna, Pampas Wahiwe, prayed for continued good health for the General and assured him that the country needs his wise counsel more than ever before at this time.

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