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The Editors at Eastern Metro have voted to put up a donation button on all franchise websites to ask for readers support.

Donations are to be strictly warehoused for investigations of social issues.

New Ad Rates

Eastern Metropolitan Newscorp announces new advert rates for 2021.

Advertisers – especially business owners – love their ads in Enugu Metro because they offer them an opportunity to directly engage with potential city customers. 

19/10/2019: eMetro announces new advertising rates

21/9/2019: eMetro announces new service to reduce voice and data costs for SMEs

4/9/2019: eMetro announces free events listing service for the South East

4/9/2019: eMetro announces introduction of a business directory for the South East

Investors’ Day
Find out more about investors meetings planned for Abuja, Enugu, Lagos and New York