Corporate Governance

Governance Principles

We strongly emphasize good corporate governance: Mulltia Ltd is guided by five governance principles:

👉 to promote a transparent and efficient business and operate within the law;

👉 to protect and facilitate the exercise of shareholders’ rights;

👉 to ensure equitable treatment of staff, including the majority of staff that are on contract service;

👉 to recognize and enforce rights of marketing partners and allies as contained in mutual agreements; and

👉 to ensure timely and accurate disclosure of all material information about the Company to shareholders and appropriate authorities.


Corporate governance principles are enforceable:

The Board of Directors of Mulltia Ltd plays an active and very critical role in guiding the strategic vision of the Company and the enforcement of the governance principles.

In particular, the board reviews and guides corporate strategy, monitors governance practices, manages key executives and oversees succession planning, aligns key executive and board remuneration with the long term shareholder interests, ensures formal and transparent board nomination and election process, monitors and manages conflicts of interests between or among management, board, and shareholders, ensures integrity of financial information, and oversees information disclosure and communications.