Will the hitherto peaceful State of Enugu become the new IPOB-Federal security forces battlefield? Coal City citizens fret over reports that the state harbours training camps for youth agitators.

Is peace in Enugu about to be disrupted via a miltary operation that will overwhelm residents of its three senatorial Districts?

Concerned citizens of Enugu State are worried over stories of military movements to dislodge alleged IPOB training camps in the State.

An online news channel, quoting military sources, reported that an offensive may already be underway to bombard three alleged IPOB training camps in the Coal City State.

The military source claims the alleged camps are located at Udi (Enugu-West), Emene (Enugu-East) and Nsukka (Enugu-North).

Emene, the airport district, is in the heart of the State Capital. Also, the locations cover the three senatorial zones, leading to speculations that Enugi may soon be subjected to heavy military bombardment.

Citizen fears heightened when Inspector-General of Police on 19 May 2021 directed his officers to move in and crush South-East separatist agitators.

This was followed on Monday 1 June by President Buhari’s threat that government has had enough and will soon give agitators “the shock of their lives.”

“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand,” he tweeted thereafter.

The message was adjudged inappropriate and deleted by the social media site.

IPOB Training Camps in Enugu?

Enugu State, considered one of the most peaceful states in the country, may therefore become the next theatre of the offensives.

The online media quoted security sources as claiming that IPOB has its main training camps in Udi, Emene and Nsukka.”

Although this claim contradicts prior statements that IPOB trains its youth agitators in Cameroon, military strategists say this provides an excuse to make Enugu “as hot as Imo and Ebonyi.”

Neither the police nor the army in Enugu had hitherto disclosed that any part of Enugu State was being used as training camps for IPOB youths.

The only clash that occured in Enugu was the 23 August 2020 encounter when an overzealous DSS operative attempted to break up a meeting of the Youths in Emene.

The incident led to the death of a DSS officer while IPOB claimed that 21 of its members were killed by the police.

The State Government has yet to respond to Enugu Metro’s enquiries on whether it was aware of IPOB training camps.

Foreign intelligence sources however confirm that there are movement of troops from the North East Boko Haram combat theatre to the South East.

It’s mission, according to sources, will be to dislodge “bandits” as well as operations of IPOB and ESN, its security wing.

The American Council on Foreign Relations is concerned that are mounting in the region through sustained army and police offensives.

Such offensives include the planned use of combat helicopters “to conduct massive raids on the IPOB/ESN hideouts.”

Traditional rulers will also not be spared as scores will be arrested for “conniving with the agitators.” 

Former US Ambassador John Campbell advises Nigeria to adopt a political approach, rather than resort to use of force.

“The use of helicopters and other aircraft is concerning in that it could—and likely will—result in growing civilian casualties, thereby feeding the very separatist movements that the government is seeking to contain.

“It will also likely exacerbate ethnic tensions,” he said.

Coal City citizens fret whether Enugu is new IPOB-Federal battlefield.