Enugu ride hailing service

IVM Cruise, a local ride sharing service company, rolls new vehicles into Enugu and challenges monopoly hitherto enjoyed by Bolt.

IVM Cruise began operations in the Coal City last Friday, 13 November 2020.

The entry of IVM Cruise immediately increased the number of city’s ride sharing services to two and gave Coal City residents and visitors a choice.

IVM Cruise poses a direct challenge to South African Bolt which has enjoyed a monopoly in the state capital for some time now.

Like ride hailing services, IVM Cruise passengers pay through a digital wallet payment system or by cash.

The App is already online and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Unlike taxis, prospective passengers use mobile apps to call for taxi services, rather than hailing them from the streets.

The service, popularized by Uber, is variously known as ride hailing service, app-taxi, e-taxi and mobility service provider.

IVM Cruise challenge, an opportunity

The IVM Cruise challenge to Bolt presents an opportunity for graduate job seekers in Enugu.

IVM Cruise offers an interested participant the opportunity to own the IVM vehicle through a three-year lease to drive it.

According to the company, participants are to pay off the cost of the vehicles in three years and take possession.

Interested youths however find it challenging to apply for employment as professional drivers for the ride services.

The driver application form on the app developer’s website has been deleted.

Slug – IVM Cruise challenges Bolt in Enugu