Here are 10 great benefits you get when you join Enugu Metro Business Club (EMBC) promoted by Enugu Metro. These range from improved profit earnings to new customers through business networking and collaborations. Through EMBC, members make new friends, develop solid support networks, find new customers, grow skills and develop their businesses holistically. Here are 10 solid reasons to join Enugu Business Club today.

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1. Opportunity to improve sales

By far the most outstanding benefits of joining Enugu Business Club is the opportunity to improve sales through the membership. Every member is an automatic business partner, mentor and customer. In a depressed economy, it is more difficult to find new customers and get repeat businesses from old ones. EMBC exposes members to over 2,000 business owners who automatically become potential customers.

2. Upgrade your knowledge in Business

EMBC typically holds business meetings every Thursday morning at a designated member hotel or other venues. These meetings afford members the opportunity to update their knowledge on issues that affect ease of doing business in the Coal City. Experts are invited to talk about changes in the law, how to manage regulatory and tax agencies, new business strategies, and new technologies that make work easier. There are also events hosted online by Enugu Metro to provide continuing business education and training. Members attend meetings, events, and workshops free or at heavily discounted rates.

3. Join a Mentoring Programme

EMBC Mentorship Programme is an intentional effort to deepen business knowledge among members. Depending on their level of business success, some members are selected to become mentors to budding entrepreneurs or new business owner-managers. Mentees learn from those that are successful while mentors share their expertise or experiences with those who are coming up in business. The value of these business mentoring relationships cannot be quantified.

4. Take advantage of networking opportunities

Although it is a virtual Club, EMBC nevertheless organizes numerous events throughout the year. These include business meetings, special events, the annual general meeting, and the end-of-year gala night. These events connect members with state, local government and City leaders. Members exploit the opportunity to expand their business networks. Within the Club, friendships can transform into strong support networks that help members survive difficult times in business.

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Call our regular line or sign a membership application form to join today. Registration is free for the first 100 business owner-managers to sign up!

5. Access to business resources

Members are granted access to hard-to-find local business resources. Enugu Metro develops some of the resources while others are sourced, customized and presented to serve the peculiar needs of members in the local business environment. These include newsletters, magazines, and other publications that offer helpful information about how to start, build, expand, and sustain a business. We shall also hold virtual business meetings when we are sure that most members are able to participate. Enugu Metro also provides exclusive info to members on important upcoming events, meetings, conferences, and business opportunities. These are not publicized to non-members.

6. Learn new ways of doing business

Businesspeople often get so busy doing the same things to earn money. Often, they are not aware that their industry is changing in the way many things are done. Business processes keep improving every time and so do ways of managing businesses. EMBC brings members closer to industry players with different skill sets. It also intentionally exposes members to outside experts that bring new ideas and outlooks to improve members’ personal growth and business development.

7. Develop your business all round

Enugu Business Club provides many business development opportunities. These can be in the form of workshops, online classes, or member-only materials. They also come in form of support or facilitation of access to business financial and infrastructure support from public and private agencies.

8. Find more customers online

Every member of EBC has their businesses listed in Enugu Metro City Directory, which already features over 2,000 businesses in the Coal City alone. Listing a business in Enugu City directory is like killing two birds with a stone. The listing is automatically picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other big search engines, available to millions of people searching online everyday for things to buy. We give special SEO attention to members listings to enable their business rank higher on popular search engines. Listing a business in Enugu Metro therefore increases members’ online visibility, enhances their brands, and enables organic online growth.

9. Increased neighborhood visibility

Apart from the online presence, attendance at Club physical meetings and events improves local visibility of members’ businesses. Access to other members and reduction in the cost of reaching other members are facilitated by technology. When a member becomes a familiar face to others, they easily do more business with these members. It is a fact that a potential client likes to do business with familiar faces.

10. Have fun, you earned it!

Enugu businesspeople spend a lot of time developing and worrying about their businesses. This is as it should be. However, excessive attention and worrying can take a toll on our physical and psychological health. Members observe timeouts designed to reduce stress of doing business while learning interesting new things about friendships, relationships, and oddities that make us appreciate our blessings. During Timeouts, members are happy to connect with like-minded businesspeople who share same interests. Over time, each member will be interacting with people they feel at home with because they share similar business experiences.


Enugu Business Club is a community partnership that seeks to establish cooperation among members to make life easy. It also pursues other non-business goals that impact on business such as access to healthcare, community security, and cooperatives. These are pursued as Club programmes to improve the family health, safeguard the community and access funding from public and private agencies.

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Call our regular line or sign a membership application form to join today. Registration is free for the first 100 business owner-managers to sign up!

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