Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ordered suspension of sit-at-home Mondays, says Emma Powerful, says spokesperson of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Observers noted that this clarification is most probably designed to douse growing tension and observed cracks in the leadership structure.

Powerful said IPOB must obey the order and only call for sit-ins on days that Kanu makes his court appearances.

Accordingly, the next sit-at-home will be observed in the South East on 21 October 2021, he disclosed.

The Friday suspension announcement followed on the heels of the return from a routine visit to Kanu by his lawyer.

Emma Powerful’s statement today pointed to the likelihood that it was the lawyer that brought back Kanu’s position.

“(We) understand the concern being expressed by the global IPOB family on the suspension of the weekly Sit-At-Home earlier announced by the IPOB Head of Directorate of State…”

“The suspension of the Sit-At-Home was… a direct order from the leader of this great movement, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu”.

“One of the fundamental guiding principles of IPOB is Command and Control.

“This simply means that all command from the Supreme leader of … IPOB) will be obeyed and implemented to the letter …”

This principle enables the movement “to surpass the expections of both Biafrans and Non-Biafrans alike

“The leadership wishes to encourage Biafran to focus on the most pressing issue confronting this great family presently…”

The focus should be on how to ensure “the safety of our leader while still in the illegal custody of the DSS and to secure his unconditional release from detention,” Powerful said.

“We consider Biafra restoration as a sacrosant call to duty above all else.

He asked the Nigerian Government to unconditionally free Kanu and announce a date for Biafra referendum or plebiscite.

Mending the cracks

Powerful’s clarification follows public recriminations among the IPOB management over the flip-flops that followed the unpopular sit-at-home order.

IPOB directorate of State announced the sit-at-home suspension in a radio broadcast on Friday, 13 August.

Meanwhile, a similar attempt by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s brother to call it off was rebuffed by IPOB hawks who asked him to back off.

The suspension was announced immediately after Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor emerged from his scheduled Friday meeting with Kanu.

Indications that the change of heart came directly from their leader emerged when Kanu’s lawyer fired an angry letter to IPOB followers.

Yesterday, Ejiofor asked IPOB followers to desist from trying to drag him into decision-making for the organisation.

He also restated the advice of Kanu’s personal lawyer, Aloy Ejimako, that IPOB managers should stop working at cross-purposes.

Powerful’s statement sought to establish communication command structure by recognizing the Directorate of State as a credible channel of information.

“Any information regarding Sit-At-Home in Biafraland not emanating from IPOB through our main channels of information dissemination should be disregarded.”.

Kanu ordered suspension of sit-at-home Mondays