Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer enters the political fray, sends mixed messages that confuse IPOB followers as battle for leadership rages.

Last week, Kanu’s personal attorney Aloy Ejimakor took to twitter to condemn efforts by regional leaders to explore a political solution.

Ejimakor visited the captive on Thursday 11 November, and thereafter asked Kanu’s followers to await details of the visit “shortly.”

He explained that lead counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, and Kanu’s brother accompanied him on the visit.

The following day, he pooh-poohed the traditional and religious leaderships’ efforts to engage in dialogue that will secure Kanu’s freedom.

Southeast leaders suggested that Kanu be handed over to them while negotiation continued.

Ejimakor however said he does not sanction a negotiation without Kanu being unconditionally freed.

It’s only MNK that has the vires to lead any dialogue, he wrote.

The lawyer did not however indicate whether this was a personal opinion or the directive of Kanu whom he visited a day earlier.

It however conformed to the prior position that Kanu must be allowed to lead the cause in all ramifications.

Ejimakor’s mixed messaging left IPOB followers on Twitter at each other’s throats, at a time that its DoS was fighting for preeminence.

Many followers openly called on the Department of State (DoS) to yield interim leadership to Mazi Simon Ekpa.

The followers also asked the lawyer to concentrate on the job of getting freedom through the courts.

There were subdued murmurs over the propriety of the entire legal team leaving the courtroom to pursue the case of a witness denied access to the court.

This forced the lawyer to lash out.

Responses to the lawyer’s tweet showed the depth of the confusion in the body, following the capture and repatriation of their leader.

@DNNjoku said this:
We are all ears & can’t wait! We don’t know what’s happening here, we don’t know what or who to believe now. We don’t know who is leading or misleading us in d seizure of our leader… We are running out of this next line of action, he has to be freed today.”

Kanu’s lawyer sends mixed messages that confuse followers, even as interim leadership battle for control of IPOB hots up