…celebrating Kevin Ejiofor @ 85

In A rich life of sequels, Chido Nwakanma celebrates quintessential public communicator Kevin Ejiofor today on his 85th birthday.

Kevin Nsochukwu Ejiofor is 85 years today, and we join the hosts to celebrate a life rich in lessons.

Kevin Ejiofor is the quintessential broadcaster.
He can hold masterclasses in journalism, public relations, creative writing and drama, the arts of life, arts qua arts, and broadcasting.

A rich life of sequels
Ejiofor, with IMT Enugu’s Dr Ayo Adewunmi, organizes Life in My City Arts Festival, a series of nationwide arts competitions with a final round in the Coal City.

Recognitions from global bodies speak to these skills and capabilities.

Boss, mentor, father and ogre at Cadbury Nigeria Plc.

KNE has lived a life of nsochukwu.

His life speaks to Sequels and Comebacks.

A younger, beautiful, educated woman became his companion when he lost his wife to the reaper. He got the blessings of sons added to daughters.

When he clocked out of the civil service in the then Anambra State, life connected him to Cadbury Nigeria and an illustrious career in public relations as Corporate Affairs Manager.

He co-founded a radio station in Lagos on his second retirement. Then served as a consultant to help others set up successful radio stations in the South East.

In his beloved Enugu, fate brought opportunity and a sequel, serving as Executive Director, then Acting DG of FRCN. It was reversing the clock more than 60 years to the beginning of his career in the self-same Radio Nigeria.

Knowledge transfer guru

Impacting on the younger generation: Ejiofor is very much active at 85 as Registrar and teacher at WABMA, Enugu.

Nowadays, Oga Kevin blesses the lives of prospective broadcasters by teaching and boisterously sharing insights, and wisdom and bonhomie. He is Registrar and broadcast teacher at the West Africa Broadcast Media Academy. Additionally, he co-manages the national calendar arts event called Life In My City Art Festival.

Eighty-five sits well on you, nnam ukwu. Happy birthday, dear KNE.

His potentials as a broadcaster was discovered at a National Archives event where he was a master of ceremonies.

Kevin Ejiofor @ 85: A rich life of sequels by Chido Nwakanma

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