Madagascar drug is cough medicine, according to a federal Minister.

The drug imported from Madagascar for cure of Covid-19 patients reduces frequency of coughing and nothing else, says a government official.

Health Minister, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, made the claim today, 23 July during a scheduled Presidential Task Force briefing on #Covid19.

A national health research institute tested the syrup and found it wanting, he said.

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“Report from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Development on the Madagascar drug showed activity of the drug in reducing frequency of cough, but no evidence of curative properties against #Covid19,” he later tweeted.

Madagascar drug is cough medicine is a new song because the federal officials had hitherto enthusiastically voted for a “plane load” of the syrup.

The country has 604 new cases of Covid19 across the nation yesterday, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said.

The discoveries take the country to 38,948 infection cases, of which 16,061 persons fully recovered and 833 persons died.

Three States in the South East recorded new cases yesterday, including Ebonyi (9), Imo (8), and Enugu (5).

Enugu also unveiled a new platform for citizens to do self-assessment.

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