Enugu Metro offers 100 small business owners in the Coal City a chance to make subscription calls free for one month, as a Covid-19 palliative.

The company offers a monthly subscription service for Enugu home managers, small business owners, and executives of groups.

The service enables subscribers to make unlimited free monthly calls among themselves.

…And with any other person on the network.

Enugu Metro provides this service on behalf of a GSM partner and calls it the eMetro Mobile Service.

“We can set it up for you to make free monthly subscription calls within 24 hours – if you sign up today or now,” a company representative said.

Take Action

There are two simple steps to take to enjoy eMetro Mobile Service.

  • One: Create an account to join the Enugu Metro Family.
  • Two: Join our network as a Business Partner.

Partnership comes with more benefits, including a chance to earn extra income.

Need more info?

Covid-19 Palliative: A One-Time Promo!

Make free subscription calls in Enugu for one month!

Enugu Metro offers free one-month subscription phone calls to 100 Coal City small business owners as a Covid-19 palliative.

This offer is free for first 100 to respond to a simple questionnaire; prizes will be shared on a first-come-first served basis.

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The Palliative

To help Enugu Businesses cope with the challenges of Covid-19, Enugu Metro will give away 100 Glo Business Starter Packs and one-month free rental. This enables the lucky winners to place unlimited hours of calls to their homes and offices, free of charge, for one month!

To participate, simply fill a form and send to us immediately. That’s all it takes!

The first 100 business owners to send in their forms and complete the process will enjoy the benefit.

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Terms and Conditions

Participants are expected to

  • Own a registered business, have an active email, and a phone.
  • Use the free eMetro Mobile Number as a Business Line.
  • Be a producer of legitimate products or services.
  • Join Enugu Metro Partnership Network now or in future

The following are disqualified from participation

  • Owners whose businesses are already listed in Enugu Metro Business Directory (Check if you’re listed here)
  • Staff of Mulltia Limited, vendors and existing partners

Good luck!

By Ogbuagu Anikwe

Ogbuagu is a prose stylist and a cross-cutting media manager with hands-on experiences in print, online and broadcast media management in Nigeria. He interrogates sociopolitical issues and communicates solutions with his trademark simplicity and disarming depth.