Have you heard of the simple way to manage monthly phone bills – cost of making calls – in Enugu?

No? We call it eMetro Mobile. Others however call it CUG. Nevertheless, same product but we deliver with a unique value.

Our special CUG SIM Pack radically changes the way that families, businesses and visitors communicate while in Enugu.

  • Good for families
  • It enables family members to keep constantly in touch with each other through free calls, no matter their location in Nigeria. eMetro Mobile promotes family bonding and closes communication gaps.

  • Better for Businesses

eMetro Mobile empowers managers to monitor productivity of workers, no matter their location in Nigeria. It also connects to thousands of our subscription customers to deliver free calls. Therefore, for our Business Partners and Affiliates, eMetro Mobile is a free, value-added service to reduce cost of calls.

  • Best for visitors

eMetro Mobile is customized for international visitors who need to manage cost of making calls and data services in Enugu. Consequently, it aligns with their travel budgets while the traveler is in Nigeria. The eMetro Mobile line is a call card for joyful shopping experiences in Enugu.


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  • Contact Us for a follow-up process.
  • Or chat with us on WhatsApp to get more info

Manage monthly phone bills in Enugu

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