Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Peter Mbah, promises to banish poverty from Enugu State when elected governor.

He will focus on citizens’ physical and mental development with priority attention to education to achieve this.

He discussed his plans during town-hall meetings at Achi-Uno and Achi-Agu communities in Oji-River LGA.

The candidate said that the massive integrated development programmes in his manifesto administration will promote zero tolerance for poverty.

Infrastructural development is key to attracting investors to the state, he said.

“I will declare emergency on education, healthcare sector, agriculture, and other social services,” he said.

According to him, the programmes will “provide thousands of jobs, a healthy workforce, and improve the living standard of the people.”

The candidate also promised to harness the huge mineral deposits in Enugu and transform them into productive assets to create wealth in areas they are located.

Again, he restated a commitment to move the state’s economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion by upscaling the production and agriculture sectors.

The agriculture sector, he noted, would account for a third of the target economy size.

His government will achieve this leap through commercial farming and migration of subsistence farming to the commercial platform.

In particular, his farming model will embrace year-round cultivation.

Stakeholders assure victory for PDP

Stakeholders from the development centres pledged to work for his victory in the March 2023 gubernatorial elections.

They expressed confidence on his capacity based on “his background, entrepreneurial breakthrough and world-class businesses.”

These qualities, they said, give him a clear edge over his competitors.

Attendees included Senator Hyde Onuaguluchi, Oji River Council Chair Chinedu Onyeagba, former House of Representatives member, KGB Oguakwa, State PDP Campaign Organisation Secretary Eric Oluedo, and senatorial candidate Osita Ngwu.

They appreciated Mbah’s initiative of the town-hall meetings as innovative and appealed to him to carry out specific projects the communities need when he is elected.

Among the bag of requests were:

  • Upgrade of their primary healthcare system,
  • Construction of new secondary schools to meet up with the demand of the growing population in the area
  • Completion of abandoned Greater Achi Water Project commenced by the Chief Jim Nwobodo administration, and
  • Revisit of the Rural Green City at Odoro, a 5000-hectare land donated by the community for commercial agriculture.

Mbah promises to banish poverty from Enugu State if elected Governor

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