Enugu State Governor,  Peter Mbah, signs into law three House bills, including a law for expansion of Enugu City.

They include New Enugu City Development Agency, Geographical Information System Service, and amendment of the State electoral law.

Mbah explained at a signing ceremony that the Development agency shall manage the development of a new city master plan.

He noted that succeeding governments made no attempts to expand the city to accommodate more people.

“As you all know, Enugu is gradually getting to an implosion level.

“What we witness today is a legal framework that allows us and future governments to continue to expand the city.

He said the news law will enable the State to create a master plan for the New Enugu City. 

“We may not execute or fully implement this master plan but there is a master plan for our children. 

“Those who will come after us will not be wondering, did our parents not think about us?

“Therefore, what we have done today is to create an area today cited and called the New Enugu City. 

“This law becomes an administrative authority to manage this New City,” he said.

The Geographic Information System law empowers automation and digitalization of processes in land services, he said.

It will also simplify and sanitise land administration in the state, he said.

“We promised that potential land buyers will commence and complete processing of Certificates of Occupancy within 72 hours. 

“The agency manages property information, survey and land information systems, and a whole lot of other information systems.

The system makes it easy to access and pay for services, he said.

Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Uchenna Ugwu, witnesssed the signing ceremony. Gov Mbah commended the House for supporting his administration

Slug: Mbah signs city expansion law


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