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About Enugu Metro Club

Enugu Service Providers Directory

Enugu Metro is a platform for buyers and sellers. We connect Enugu Business Owners and Managers to thousands of visitors and residents people searching for things to buy in the Coal City. It is also a store house of information that everyone needs to be guided to opportunities in business, shopping and leisure in the city.

Everyday, thousands of Enugu residents and visitors search for local things to buy using Enugu Metro or the big search engines such as Google. Majority of them are directed to Enugu Metro Business Directory to find what they are looking for. Thus, Enugu Metro connects thousands of visitors and local residents looking for things to buy to those who sell the items.

There are consequently two types of Memberships – Individual and Business

  • Individual Membership is reserved for visitors and residents. You immediately gain access to goods, services, and opportunities reserved for members in our online storehouse.
  • Business Members are our business partners. Memberships are of two types – Free and Premium. Every business is accepted as a free member and can choose to upgrade at any time.

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