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Join Enugu Metro Club today as a Member and get the benefits of membership, including access to opportunities.

The opportunities we promote are business connections, shopping, and leisure.

If you reside in Enugu, have a bit of a spare time, and are passionate about helping people and busineses in your neighborhood, you can become an associate.

Associates get added benefits and are able to use their local contacts and connections to earn income

Become a member today, by filling our Website Registration Form.
Do you know you can join us as an affiliate to earn extra income from your neighborhood and become recognized as a valued member of your neighborhood in Enugu?

Enugu Affiliates report news, promote businesses and earn income from their neighborhoods.

If you live in Enugu, have a bit of a spare time, and are passionate about helping your neighbours grow their business, and helping your community overcome challenges of living, you are the one we are looking for.

We will train you in online writing and digital marketing and support you to become a valued member of your community.

Interested? Start the process by filling our Internship Application Form.

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