Minimalism is a savior from want – and excess!

Minimalism is a savior in many ways: helps us save for the rainy day, for investments, and for the future generations. Any business owner-manager or home manager who practices minimalism is also fighting to live longer, to be stronger, and to live happier; they will be more useful to their children and to their loved ones

Minimalism is a savior. How? The minimalist lifestyle enables each of us to manage the dangers of living in want and excessive consumption, both of which ultimately challenge our health and our happiness. Minimalism – also called simple living or simplistic living – is all about enjoying a full life without compromising on comfort even when you don’t have all the creature comforts to do so. For those who have all of the creature comforts that money can buy, minimalism would mean freeing oneself from being surrounding by clutter.

Minimalism is a subject that is exciting attention these days. This is ironic, considering that it refers to a lifestyle of living with the bare essentials as opposed to the expectation that people want to acquire more and more good things of life – including things that they do not really need.

The quest for a minimalist lifestyle differs for every individual; it is not a one-size-fits-all as some people may assume. For instance, what a business owner-manager considers as essential may differ from what a home manager considers essential when they are looking at a room either in the home or in the office. In the same way, a visitor who is a hotel guest in a City may have his or her own ideas of the minimal supplies that would make life easy throughout the duration of stay. Finally, for the unemployed youth or those starting life immediately after employment who live in self-contained apartments, minimalism may assume a more significant imperative because of space constraints.

In all of this, there are general rules of minimalism that all human beings obey, and which must be accommodated as we all think about things to keep and others to discard. For instance, when considering clothing or food, the minimalistic goal is to only keep items we already own that serve a purpose while asking “do I really need this?” whenever we are tempted to purchase new items that are not basic necessities. For minimalists, the guiding principle is to get rid of excess stuff and live life based on utilities rather than mere possessions. Minimalism, when practiced for the right reasons, can benefit our lives significantly, as we can see from its benefits below.

Minimalism is a savior to stress-filled life!

Minimalist Home-Office

The fewer possessions we have, the less we need to worry about maintaining, repairing or insuring them. For instance, the person who builds a town house of gigantic duplex will spend far more to maintain them than another who constructs a bungalow on the same plot size. Again, think about logging around two telephone handsets; wouldn’t it be better to maintain, cheaper to own and insure or guard if one has a handset with two SIM slots?

Frees self from Social Pressures

Minimalist Kitchen

The craze for possessions acts like a rope tethering us to our earthly belongings, enticing us not only to pay for them but to also acquire more and more of it. Living with only the bare essentials means that we are less prone to the pressures of keeping up with the Joneses, but instead become more flexible and mobile in our thinking. We are able to discipline ourselves to wait long enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Saves for the Rainy Day

Minimalist Bedroom

It is true that the less we buy, the more we save. This, however, can only happen to people who have both a minimalist mindset and financial knowledge that encourages them to invest what is saved. Beyond saving for investment, one can also save for the rainy day. None of these two crucial imperatives of survival can be accomplished without having a minimalist mindset that propels a strong savings habit.

Promotes DIY mindset

Minimalist Pantry

The minimalist approach also creates a mindset to look for ways of reducing costs in the home or office. There are certain tasks in any room that do not require expert service providers to accomplish, and which most people can do effortlessly. Minimalism helps us unleash our inner creative potentials, challenges us to meet a need or complete a task without paying for “extra” labour

Saves the Environment

minimalism is a savior of bathroom clutter
Minimalist Bathroom

A great many of those who practice minimalism have their sights set on making the environment a better place for people. The principle is simple – the fewer things we buy, the better for the environment. They recognize that rampant consumption inevitably leads to terrible waste of the earth’s natural resources – and extra piles of waste.

Saves “their” tomorrow

When we over-consume the finite resources of our planet, we take more than our fair share, leaving less for others and to future generations. A minimalist lifestyle helps us restore the balance.

Minimalism is a savior to Health

Some psychedelic foods, luxury dining, and most processed foods are increasingly shown by science to be harmful to health. The food and drinks that we crave for and we stock in our homes or offices are also known vectors of diseases and ailments. The minimalist lifestyle recognizes that it is not the quantity or cost of what we eat or put on that promotes better life but their quality, which includes their health benefits. Check out an interesting article on what one needs to do to keep fit and healthy under the Covid-19 lockdown regime and see minimalism at work


In our society today, most people don’t seem to realize how much of minimalism is incorporated in how they live their lives. It is also not very clear to many how practicing the minimalistic lifestyle helps improve our general health and wellness. Most significantly, it is obvious from the above that the minimalist lifestyle is not only the for rich. It is a lifestyle that benefits both those who have a lot and those who do not. Some writers have also proposed a religious dimension to it. Which is different from the context in which we say that minimalism is a savior. The beauty of it, and the reason why it is recommended for everyone, is that it has something to do with becoming successful in life – simply because it on the same trajectory with savings and investment. This being the case, minimalism helps us save for the rainy day, for investment, and for future generations. Any business owner-manager or home manager who practices minimalism is also fighting to live longer, stronger, and happier – to be more useful to their children and to their loved ones.

In the next entries, we shall dive deeper into the minimalist lifestyle and its imperatives. Fasten your seat belts.