eMoms Forum

Who we are

The Eastern City Moms Forum (eMoms Forum, for short) is a virtual club for hardworking home-based mom businesses, home managers and office working moms who are determined to sustain their city as a safe, warm and prosperous destination where they can socially interact and also explore opportunities for extra income. It is facilitated by eMetro.

What we do

We promote city survival skills, train our members to learn new social and other life skills, organize social events for members and families, conduct city tours and meetings for first-time visiting moms, expose discounts for goods and services wherever they exist in the city, and provide information that empower members to earn extra income.

Register as a member on the website now. Or join us on Facebook below


To empower Nigerian moms equal access to information and social connections that make life easy.

Membership Benefits

  • Exposure to extra incomes from social connections;
  • Discounted cost of phone calls to Forum and family members;
  • Buy quality goods for less;
  • Learn new social and city survival skills;
  • Be part of volunteer group that promotes better life in the community
  • Interest-free food subsidy for those in need, when they need it most;

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